Design Services 

David Wolfe Design offers a wide variety of design services including plastic part design, mold design, and fixture design. Additionally, our laser scanning and reverse engineering services help to capture existing parts for further design and modification.

Plastic Part Design

David Wolfe Design offers full product design and development services supported by years of tooling experience and the latest design software. The result? A product that looks good, functions properly and is cost-effective to manufacture. 

Mold Design

Decades of mold design experience and actual tool shop experience combine for quality “real world” designs. Be sure to visit all pages, including Feasibility Studies, Injection Molds, Compression Molds, Rubber Molds and Forming Dies.

Fixture Design

We have designed a variety of fixtures for inspection, trimming and assembly. Some fixtures come equipped to be mounted to a CNC machine table or free-standing on their own portable cart.

Laser Scanning

Reverse engineering is more than just taking measurements of existing parts and creating new data or drawings. It also involves capturing the design intent of the original part. Find out how David Wolfe Design can help.

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