Multiple Processes Offer Flexibility 

Often, good products that serve a limited market can benefit from a low-volume production approach. Because of our extensive prototype and tool-design background, we are uniquely suited to offer many options: Machined Parts (CNC Milling and Turning), Aluminum Casting, Urethane Casting, Thermoforming, Injection Molding, and Laser Cutting. 


Many times the customer needs real plastic parts with real plastic properties. David Wolfe Design offers plastic injection molding services for your low volume, and contract manufacturing needs.  We mold a variety of materials ranging from the simplest polypropylene compounds to the most troublesome engineering grade resins such as electrically conductive nylon or Ultem. Part quantities can range from 10 to 10,000.


Whether for prototype purposes or low volume production, David Wolfe Design routinely machines to customer specifications using a variety of materials ranging from materials as basic as Pine or 5 lb. rigid foam to materials as difficult as Aluminum, Steel, Titanium or IN-100 Nickel Alloy. 

Urethane Casting

For customers requiring small quantities of parts with very specific properties, a variety of approaches may be employed. One approach is to cast the part using a mold constructed from wood, urethane tooling board or silicone and cast the part with urethane.

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