Modern Facilities for Tooling Models & Patterns  

With over 20,000 square feet of design and shop space, David Wolfe Design is equipped with the latest in high-speed machining and production equipment.  We continually upgrade our computers, software, and machinery to allow us to be efficient and competitive. 

Sight Models

Foam site models are often used for catalog photography, or to allow a customer to hold a replica of the finished part. Often we’ll texture and paint the part to resemble the finished product. Foams come in a variety of densities.

Rotational Models

Tooling models for the rotational mold industry can be produced in a variety of materials, depending on the foundry to be used and the finish requirements. We have built models from pine, Jelutong, rigid urethane foam board, and urethane tooling board.

Tooling Models for Fiberglass

We have been serving the fiberglass and composites industry for many years as a supplier of tooling models and fixtures. Our tool designers can quickly convert sketches, 2D drawings, or 3D Cad data into tooling data with parting-lines…

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