Molds & Custom Tooling

David Wolfe Design offers a unique combination of decades of mold design experience with the latest CAD technologies. Mold design services include tooling feasibility studies, complete injection and compression mold design, rotational molds and thermoform or vacuum form tooling.

logo-wheel-4Tooling Feasibility Studies

Tooling Feasibility Studies are sometimes referred to as DFM’s or Design for Manufacturability and are most effective early in the design of a plastic part before designs have been submitted for approval, testing, or production.  The first aspect of a study may be to review the part design for features that may require complicated mold actions and to offer suggestions on how to improve the design and reduce the mold cost. Another benefit to the Tooling Feasibility Study is to send the study along with mold RFQ’s so that all potential vendors are quoting the same set of standards.

logo-wheel-4Injection & Compression Molds

Mold requirements and manufacturing methods are as varied today as they ever were.  At David Wolfe Design, we strive to work as an extension of our customer’s own engineering department and provide quality mold designs in the format that our customers are used to working with whether it be 2-dimensional blueprints or a complete 3D solid model of the entire mold. Molds designs may be as simple as an aluminum prototype MUD insert set to a completed multi-cavity, rotary 2-shot mold with a hot runner and unscrewing mechanism.

logo-wheel-4Rotational Molds

For many years the rotational mold industry has relied on cast aluminum molds for their tooling. With improvements in CNC machining, it is now possible to have rotational molds fully designed and machined from aluminum billet. This gives us the opportunity to study parting lines and mold features in 3D CAD and design the appropriate features necessary to mold a quality part. This allows opportunity for the optimum placement of stand offs, vents, parting line locators and pull pins.

logo-wheel-4Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming Tooling

Whether the thermoforming tool is to be used for prototyping or production, David Wolfe Design can provide the necessary design taking into consideration deep draws, cooling line, proper vacuum placement, and a variety of other features. Proper layout of cooling lines and vent drills allows for the best possible outcome. Additionally, an accompanying plug assist plate and plugs can be designed at the same time.

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