Real Plastic Parts With Real Plastic Properties

David Wolfe Design offers plastic injection molding, rubber molding and thermoforming services for our customer’s low-volume, and contract manufacturing needs.  Many times our customers have difficulty finding a molder to run their complicated parts when their annual requirement is very low.  That’s where David Wolfe Design comes in.  We are not a high-volume commodity molder but rather a specialized source for low volume molding production.  First we evaluate our customers’ part designs for optimum molding conditions and mold design possibilities.  We then construct the molds with the necessary components and actions to create the parts keeping in mind that operator interaction with loose pieces and hand loaded inserts may be the key to minimal mold and part cost. 

Our 165 Ton Arburg molding machine, multiple rubber presses, and 48” square platen thermoformer can handle most of our customer’s molding needs and when that is not enough, we work with our network of molding resources.  We mold a variety of materials ranging from the simplest polypropylene compounds to the most troublesome engineering grade resins such as electrically conductive nylon or Ultem, natural rubber and neorprene, ABS and polystyrene.

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