Molds & Custom Tooling

David Wolfe Design is well equipped to produce tooling for a variety of plastics processes and volume requirements.  We routinely produce both prototype and production molds for our own in-house molding processes as well as custom built tooling that our customer’s put into production. Tooling made from Urethane, Epoxy, or Aluminum, and can serve as bridge tooling or we can produce permanent tooling made from Aluminum or Steel. We produce injection molds, thermoform or vacuum form tooling, CNC machined rotational molds and rubber transfer molds.

Following are some examples:

logo-wheel-4Injection Molds

3D Printed Mold Inserts
Injection Mold
Steel Injection Mold

logo-wheel-4Thermoform, Vacuum Form Tooling

Vac Tool For Car Body
Aluminum Vacuum Form Mold
Wood Thermoform Mold

logo-wheel-4CNC Machined Rotational Molds

CNC Machined Rotational Mold
Machined Rotational Mold
Rotational Mold Inserts

logo-wheel-4Rubber Transfer Molds

8 Cavity Rubber Mold
Multi-Cavity Mold
Transfer Mold in Press

logo-wheel-4Other Molds

Mold For Cast Urethane Process
Mold For Fiberglass
Mold For Light RTM

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